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BARELANG MANPOWER SUPPLY (Direct Call Mr. RAHMAT Phone +6281372284499, Taman Lestari Block D28 No.35, Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau – Indonesia, E-mail: ) adalah Usaha Jasa Penyedia Tenaga Kerja Khusus Lokal Batam, Labor Supply & Recruitment Agency, Management Service, Manpower Supply.

Menyiapkan tenaga kerja berpengalaman seperti:
· Welder,
· Piping Fitter,
· Piping Drafter,
· Crane Operator,
· Foreman,
· Painter,
· Rigger,
· Motor Man,
· Electrician,
· Pump Man,
· Engineer,
· Warehouse,
· Panel Man,
· Safety Engineer,
· Operator,
· Cleaners,
· Helper, &
· Others

Our wide domestic networks make us easier to get the quality resource of manpower. We assist you in a complete package, from selection, recruit, mobilization, and placement.

Batam is one of an International based for Industrial Development Island. To support the progress of the industrial needs, Batam has to attract more skillful manpower from other regions since local population are limited. For investor itself to concentrate in production development already exhausted the valuable timing not to mention to select and recruit skill manpower from regions. Indonesia Government read the situation and created a recruitment system by the third party to assist both side, Labor Department and Foreign Investors. The third party also known as Labor Supplier or Outsourcing Company assist investor to select and recruit manpower from any regions of Indonesia, and assist Labor department in supply and control jobless to minimum point. The outsourcing company also helps the job seeker to look for suitable job and good employer. The outsourcing company will help the workers to report their personal income taxes; pay the insurance premium for pension and accident, medical care and etc.

Wise word (kata bijak)
“The most important thing in life is not to capitalize on your successes any fool can do that. The really important thing is to profit from your mistakes.”
(William Bolitho)

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